AssociAD began providing solutions for growth in 1999, after identifying a need for smarter marketing for small, owner operated businesses. Many had marketing budgets of less than $10,000 per year, with a considerable portion being co-op advertising dollars from their vendors. As Director of Marketing for an oil distributor for 8 years, and later as an independent shared advertising consultant, AssociAd owner Jeri Vespoli worked with hundreds of small businesses maximizing and tracking the results of ad spending.  Targeted direct mail was the clear top producer, and is the media most preferred by business owners and consumers.  Consumers speak out on their preference for direct mail.

Campaigns that are consistently repeated to the same target audience achieve the highest results. Often, small business budgets allowed for only one or two mailings to a targeted group, or mailings so small they were reaching only a small portion of the target audience and not achieving the rate of return necessary to justify the high cost of design, printing and mailing small quantities.


In 2003, AssociAD introduced a shared, targeted buyer specific direct mailer as a solution. From 2003 through 2008, Jeri worked to develop vendor relationships for the best pricing, gathered feedback from advertisers on shared products they would use, tested shared mailers, worked out barriers to achieving results, and established a proven sales and purchasing system for the unique new media product.


Ad-Visor®, offered exclusively as a franchise opportunity, join small businesses with like target markets in high quality, buyer-specific shared self-mailers. They are unique in the media market, solving many of the problems that small businesses struggle with when planning their marketing strategy.


Solutions Ad-Visor Shared Direct Mail Provides


Shared mailers such as Money Mailer and ValPak mail to everyone in a given geography. The Ad-Visor® mails to targeted markets of consumers who have similar needs, desires and lifestyles and are most likely to be interested. Ad-Visor’s quality glossy full-color ads are conducive to targeted branding as well as couponing, capturing a larger advertiser market.


Consumers have repeatedly expressed a desire to receive only relevant messages. They currently receive too many irrelevant messages, making small business advertising less effectual. The Ad-Visor® is branded by the recipients' interest.   Its unique design makes it stand out and get noticed.


Shared mailers have competitors on every page, so response is spread among many. The Ad-Visor® can offer exclusivity because it has fewer ad spaces to fill, allowing advertisers to capture the full attention of their potential buyers.


Coupon magazines, envelopes and card packs are time consuming for the consumer, often being pitched in favor of just spending the few extra dollars on pizza rather than the 10 minutes to search for it. The Ad-Visor® offers products and services specific to the recipient's current lifestyle and interests in a single folded sheet, making it easy to view all of the ads at once, and more likely to be kept for future use.


Reaching large groups of relevant prospects consistently is costly. The Ad-Visor® offers a low enough shared cost that businesses can make monthly impressions to a much larger relevant audience.  Testing groups of consumers is also made more affordable with the Ad-Visors' unique buyer specific targeting.


Magazine advertising relies on buyer selection, can miss a considerable portion of  ideal consumers, and is often outside the budget of small businesses.  The Ad-Visor® is received directly by everyone in a group of relevant consumers. The need to unfold it to see why its title reflects them or their current interests is compelling.  Once unfolded, all ads are visible, making an impression every time.


While the web has grown considerably as an advertising option, consumers are savvy enough to ignore or delete intrusions on their search, browse and social networking time.  Search engine optimization misses anyone who doesn’t use the web to seek solutions or make buying decisions, email can be automatically dispensed to a junk folder without a glance, and social networking reaches only the relatively small number of consumers who are socially active on the web.  Direct mail is universally consumed, personal, emotional, flexible, portable, complimentary to all other forms of media, and measurable.   You can't hang up on it, you can't delete it, and regardless of need, an impression is made.